Bank First Australia Loans Review

Bank First Australia Loans Review

Bank First, Previously known as Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank, an Australian financial institution located at Hawthorn East, Victoria. The bank offers loans, insurance and everyday banking services.

Bank First Personal Loans

This is a loan whereby the borrowed fixed amount of money at a fixed rate is required to be paid over a fixed amount of time. You can get a personal loan from Australian loan lenders such as Bank First.

Personal loans can be unsecured or secured. Personal loans have a variable interest of (11.74%) p.a. while for a Green personal loan interest rate is (9. 35%)p.a. A Green loan gives you a chance to purchase some of the environment products such as insulation, rainwater tanks, solar panels and installations.

Bank First also offers a share loan, which is an important investment for securing personal financial future, offered at an interest rate of (10. 25%)p.a.

Bank First Home Loans

Also known as a mortgage, this is a loan given by many Australia lenders. Over the contracted time regular monthly payments are designed to pay off the loan, through a period of 25 to 30 years. Your property acts as loan security. The loan lenders Australia may require you to sell the property to settle the debt once unable to pay the loan.

There are several types of loan offered by the Bank First Australia, First Rate Home Loan interest loan is (3.72%) p.a., Complete Home Loan (4.07%) p.a., Equity Line of Credit (5.22%) p.a. Bank First offers a Credit Card after opening the home loan account, a choice between Visa Platinum Credit Card or Visa Classic Credit.

A loan account is available for different purposes. First, Standard Home Loan (4.77%) p.a. and Premier Package Home Loan (3.97%) p.a. The loan has multiple accounts such as a 2 year fixed rate owner occupied, variable rate owner occupied and a 2 year fixed rate owner investment.

Bank First Car Loans

When purchasing a lower emission car, this car loan offers low-interest rate. Cars with Carbon dioxide value of 180 g/km or less are made available at a lower interest rate. This includes cars with lower emission’s, hybrid and even new cars.

Some of these cars are the Mitsubishi Outlander, Most Honda CR-Vs, Most Toyota RAV4s, Most Nissan X-Trails, Mitsubishi ASX and Hyundai i30.For a new car loan (5. 79%)p.a while for and used old car loan (6. 79%).a promotional variable interest rate2.