Barclays Partner Finance

Barclays Partner Finance- Barclays is one of the biggest financial service providers in the UK. Partner finance is a product aimed at improving the purchasing power of individuals and businesses.

As a partner in a business, Barclays Partner Finance offers loan services to your customer. Personally, the bank offers loans for household goods and leisure activities.

Barclays Business Partner Support
Barclays Partner Finance helps by giving your customer the financial muscle to buy from you by offering a payment solution. This improves your sales and creates a lasting relationship with your clients.

Besides, their point-of-sale financing helps reduce the time taken in loan applications. Bulk-payment businesses like the motor vehicle, tours and travels and large commercials have seen improvement in business, thanks to Barclays Finance.

The type of loan offered varies with the purchase. All loans in the motor finance loans can buy a car and a lifestyle vehicle, with the exception of the conditional motor sale loan which can buy a static caravan and a personal motor loan which buys motorhomes and touring caravans.

The security of the loan in the personal contract purchase and conditional sale motor loans is the vehicle (which are fixed loans). Also, the customer has a choice to own the car or return it at the end of the agreement.
The personal motor loans have unsecured loans, their security is any valuable good other than the vehicle, payments remitted monthly and the customer owns the vehicle after the agreed term is exhausted.

In retail finance, all the loans are unsecured and payment duration ranges from 1-5 years. The loans range from £1,500 to £50,000 with an interest rate of 22.9% per annum.

Barclays Personal Partner Finance

With the necessities of a family, many investments like a car, furniture and homes are cost intensive. The customer finance in the business partner for motor and retail finance relates, just that the burden of proof is enforced to the customer.

In case a customer decides to sign up for this account, the Barclays Partner Finance Account can be used as the transactional link between the bank and the customer.

He/she can ask questions, change personal details, schedule payments, request statements and other loan queries through the Barclays Partner Finance contact 24 hours a day, every day, through the automated system or the call contact; 0800 1522888.