Capitec Personal Loan

Capitec Bank Personal Loans of up to R4,000 – R250,000 are available with an interest of 15 percent and are payable for a period of 24 months 48 months and 84 months.

A Personal loan is a quick solution for people who require immediate access to money. It also offers an instant solution for bills that require payment immediately.

What should applicants know about the Capitec personal loan

It is important to note that this loan is unsecured. Therefore, its interest rate will be higher in comparison with secured loans. However, to gain access to the loan service and apply for loan there are a few requirements applicants have to meet: first, applicants need to show a three-month bank statement, their current pay slips, their national South African Identity card and a proof of address.

Capitec Loan offers

The minimum amount applicant can acquire for this type of Capitec loan is R4,000 or any less amount they may require immediately. The maximum amount applicants can receive is R250,000. The amount range for quick loans may be more in other banks.

The maximum repayment period for ZAR loans is up to 84 months.

Applicants can repay their loan from 1 month, 6months, 12 months, 24 months, 48 months, and 84 months. The interest rate for the Personal loans is between 15% and 30 %. The interest rate for repaying credit depends on the period of payment. For instance, a credit of R250, 000 payable for 48 months will have an interest of 21.95% to 29. 90%.

For a repayment period of 24 months on the same amount, an interest rate of 15.50% or up to 33.20%. The beautiful thing about this type of loan is that applicants do not require a life insurance or loan insurance to access it.