Cash Loans For Blacklisted (South Africa)

Cash Loans For Blacklisted (South Africa)

Cash Loans For Blacklisted – How To Get A Cash Loan When You’re Blacklisted?

Blacklisted, But Need A Loan? Cash loans for blacklisted South Africa.

Blacklisted Cash Loans SA

We get it. You fell behind on some of your bill payments. And that landed you on the Credit Bureau’s blacklist.

You messed up and because you got blacklisted loans are now impossible for you.

Okay, you went into recovery mode and got into loan rehab.

And you’re slowly but surely paying everything off. But now, there’s trouble on the horizon. There’s been an unexpected emergency at home. Cash loans are required. Maybe a family member needs medical treatment or you suddenly need to get car repairs done.

Perhaps you suddenly realised the house needs rewiring. And as you’re blacklisted cannot be got. No cash loans for blacklisted South Africa residents. Your emergency could be anything.

Without cash loans for blacklisted people, you’re helpless. And the truth is, cash loans are not possible for you now. So what can you do?

Help Is At Hand With Cash Loans For Blacklisted South Africa

The main thing is, don’t panic. Help really is at hand. And we do not mean those moneylenders who’ll lend you anything as long as the interest rate is through the roof. There are legitimate ways to get a loan in South Africa, even if you’re on the loan blacklist. Let’s explore some of them.

Cash Loans South Africa

You know you can pay it back. If that’s true, there are ways to get a loan. How can you qualify for one?

If you’ve been in regular employment for at least six months
You’re over 21
You have an active bank account.
You’re not currently under credit review.
If you have a property which can be used as collateral, getting a loan won’t be difficult. Think very carefully before you offer property as loan security.

Only take this loan if you’ve budgeted to pay it all back on time. With low credit rating, you can’t borrow from traditional banks. However, you can get loans from registered money lenders. Their rate of interest is higher than in the banks, unfortunately.

Make sure you only do business with money lenders who are registered with the NCR. A loan from any other may have such high-interest rates that you may not finish repayments in years. If You Don’t Repay

Debt Consolidations SA

You may have old, consolidated debts. So please ensure that you’ve budgeted to pay the new loan. Have the repayments deducted the moment the salary hits account. Ensure you’ve made economies and left yourself enough for survival. Because if you don’t repay: Loan security assets may be seized

Debt collectors may harass you. They will phone, mail and text constantly, often at inconvenient times. This won’t happen if you take precautions.

Help Available;
If you need help with repayments, contact the National Debt Mediation Association of South Africa. This non-profit organization can assist in debt negotiation.