Regional Australia Bank Loans Review

Regional Australia Bank Loans Review

Regional Australia bank formerly known as Mutual group offers quite a number of loans such as home loans, car loans and personals among many others.

They have variable loans which means they can hike the rate of the loan whenever they want to. They also have a fixed loan which the rate remains the same throughout your loan repayment period. Below are details about the variable loans they offer.

Personal Loans Regional Australia Bank & Car Loans

Car loans are given to individuals in a bid to enable them to upgrade their next car or purchase their first car whether new or used. Some of the loans they offer include the accelerator car loan. This is a variable and secured loan that comes with an interest rate starting from 7.49% p.a.

There is the variable car loan which is variable and secured loan and has interest rates starting from 11.49%. All these loans have an upfront fee of $195.

Regional Australia Bank also offers personal loan which you can take to fund your various needs including holidays and other relevant purchases. They have the Enviro loan which is variable and unsecured loan and come with interest rates from 6.95%. The personal touch loan has interests starting from 9.95% and are variable and unsecured. There is the unsecured personal loan that is variable which and comes with interest rates from 15.99%. These interests are considered Favourable compared to other Australia lenders.

Home Loans Regional Australia Bank

According to different loans review Australia, the bank offers numerous home loans. The list includes steady rate home loan that has fixed investment interest only and comes with a fixed three-year rate of 4.44% p.a. another home loan available is the home loan fixed investment principal and interest that has an interest rate of 4.19% p.a.

You can get the steady home loan fixed owner occupier interest only at 4.34% p.a. there is also the steady rate home loan fixed owner occupier principle and interest that comes with a fixed 3-year rate of 4.09% p.a. all these loans have an upfront fee of $250. Unlike other loan lenders Australia, they also have numerous variable loans, fixed package loans and variable package loans for home loans Australia.

For those who want to get a mortgage with as little as 5% deposit, you can always go for low deposit loans. This makes the bank a great place to obtain your home loan. You can also make use of offset account that allows you to repay your loan pretty quickly and save on the interest.